Pretty Woman Magnetix Nail Polish From Rite Aid



Yes! Finally! Affordable magnetic polishes at the drugstore! I first heard about the Pretty Woman Magnetix polishes from Nouveau Cheap. When I stopped in at Rite Aid today I took a quick pass by the makeup aisles (just like any addict would), and I was so excited to see these and in a variety of shades. I am a total idiot and forgot to count how many shades there are, but I recall there being a gold, silver, purple, and burgundy. I went to the Pretty Woman web site, but found nothing about these on there.

None of these have proper names on the boxes or the bottles. There seems to be a unique item number for each color, but I didn’t notice it until I unboxed both polishes. Now I have no idea which is which. I picked up the only green shade I saw, and a blue that has a hint of purple. Each box comes with directions as well as a picture of the two magnet designs these come with.

There are two magnets in each set. The design is on the top of each one so you know what you’re getting. The magnets are flexible. The underside has notches to show you where to place your finger. I found that I couldn’t just place my finger on it for the 15 seconds. I needed to squeeze it so that it curved better from side to side on my fingers, or the edges of my nails looked plain with the design only being on the very top of my nails.

This applies very easily. You do need 2 coats. I did one coat, and then after the second coat was applied I used the magnets. It was super easy. It dries semi matte, so if you like glossy polishes you may want to apply a glossy top coat. These are really fun, and if you are into magnetic polishes you might want one or two (or three!) of these. They are the most affordable magnetic polishes that I have run across. As of right now I know these have been spotted at Rite Aid, and I don’t know if they will come to more stores.

Cost: $6.99

Availability: Rite Aid

  • Beauty and the Scientist

    I gasped at when I saw the final pic…so pretty!!!!!! I'll be at Rite Aid first thing tomorrow morning.

  • Mica

    oooh I love the magnetic polish look! I really like the blue :)

  • Leticia

    Not sure how soon all locations will have them, or if all will. I went to another one today looking for more colors, and they didn't have any.