Open Discussion: The Walking Dead Sick

The Walking Dead


So we finally get a good look at the prisoners, and it becomes clear early on that one is a major a-hole. The group is focused on Hershel, and after fighting more walkers they manage to get him back to the group’s cell block. Maggie and Beth are devastated, and Carol starts tending to his wounds. She apparently has been learning from Hershel, though it would be wise if the whole group learns what they can.

While they are tending to Hershel the prisoners show up, and they have survived in the cafeteria for 10 months. They are clueless about just how bad things have gotten. You would think not knowing which way is up or down would make them open to listening, but they had a really close minded attitude that told me they wouldn’t make it. Constantly disregarding advice in a post apocalyptic world is just plain stupid. And despite the little they have seen so far, they (led by the a-hole) still try and lay claim to the area that Rick and his group have cleared. I don’t think so buddy.

Rick agrees to help them clear an area for them if they give him half the food. They try and give him less, but our newer more badass Rick isn’t having any of it. Before they go to clear the area with the prisoners, Rick has a talk with Lori that made me finally like Lori a bit. It was nice to see her support him, and let him know that no matter what decisions he had to make she was behind him. It must be hard for Rick, former police officer, to have to decide to kill someone to keep his family safe.

When clearing the area for the prisoners, the a-hole beats a fellow inmate to death who got a scratch. Just bludgeons him, and this is not a man who did it because he had lived for months fighting walkers and knew what must be done. He is a killer, and we now know it in no uncertain terms. Rick and Daryl are now watching for the slightest sign that he needs to be dealt with, and it doesn’t take long for that time to come. When fighting the walkers first he takes a very wide swing hoping to hit Rick, and even pushes a walker right onto Rick. When they are done fighting and Rick confronts him, Rick takes a frickin’ machete to his head! I gasped out loud, because it seemed so unlike Rick. Season 1 and 2 Rick hesitated, but Season 3 Rick went chop!

The whole episode we don’t know if Hershel will live, and there is a very sweet moment when Maggie opens up to her father for possibly the very last time. We even get a tense moment when Lori is giving him mouth to mouth because he stopped breathing, and he grabs her. When she pulls back we realize it was only an involuntary response. I wonder though, was he not breathing long enough to trigger the change? I hope not, because I really adore Hershel. He eventually wakes up, and his eyes are normal (phew!). I hope he stays that way.

Carl, who didn’t bother me last episode, made me want to smack the snot out of him this episode. He goes on his own to get medical supplies from the infirmary, risking himself and possibly the group, and gets all snotty with his mom when she doesn’t throw him a parade for getting the supplies. That kid is asking to get killed.

Rick ends up allowing the 2 remaining prisoners to stay in the cleared out cell block as previously agreed. I wonder how long they will stay there, as we saw someone watching Carol practice on a cadaver (I thought it was smart of her to practice in case she had to to a c-section on Lori) and we know that soon a fight will emerge between our group and another. The prisoner with the southern accent didn’t seem harmful, and I am undecided about the guy with him. Stubborn and scared? Not sure if he is a jerk or what. We shall see.

I liked the last moment between Lori and Rick. Maybe they are on their way to loving each other again. I don’t like Lori, but at the same time not sure I want her and Rick to split up.

What were your thoughts on The Walking Dead Sick?

  • Xasperadastra Make-up-Deer

    I really love The Walking dead, but I dare say there are some characters I hate XD first of all Lory and its stupid chid -_____- some other have really improved through the seasons such as Carol or Daryl which is one of my favorites! Other favorites are Glenn and also Maggie.. at last she has a role in the movie while her sister is a bit anonymous!
    Now I want to know who is staring at Carol while she is practicing on that zombie corpse…

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      I keep crossing my fingers a walker will take Carl lol! It sounds horrible to say, but that kid just risks the group too much!

  • Sue – Tokki & Oliver

    I absolutely hate Lori. i think she embodies the type of woman that I hate so much. She feels entitled to that marriage. I’m sorry, but I don’t care if I thought my husband was dead and the world was ending, sex would be the last thing on my mind, let alone having sex with my husband’s best friend. That child she is carrying is most likely not Rick’s and Rick has the right to be angry. I think that he’s showing signs of selflessness and courage to help the others survive, unlike Lori and Shane. I’m also glad that Rick took out a few prisoners as he had to grow a pair, after all, it is the end of the world and only the strong survive, plus the show makes us feel that he was in the right since that one prisoner (forgot his name) basically threw a zombie on him – oh hell no! I know I would have killed him a long time ago haha.

    I agree, I thought Hershel was going to come back and perhaps his daughter would want to keep him, ultimately putting a rift between her and her boyfriend (I forgot his name too, the korean guy). That moment he grabbed her, I admit…I did scream like a little girl haha

    Little Carl is coming into his own, thank god for that, because I couldn’t stand him last episode. I think it’s because there is really no room for the weak in this zombie world lol. God I sound so mean, but of course I want them all the survive.

    I can’t wait for the next episode.

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      It a cruel world now, everyone surviving would sound mean lol.

      I didn’t get that either with Lori, that she would move on so soon. Shane told Rick that he never looked at Lori before that, but then later told Lori it was a long time coming. So I think they had a sexual tension that must have been admitted to after Rick was “dead.”