Open Discussion: The Walking Dead Made to Suffer

The Walking Dead

Made to Suffer

Oh my FREAKIN’ god this episode was good! And you know what’s cruel? Not only do we have to wait until February for more episodes, but the cliffhanger puts my our beloved Daryl Dixon in life or death jeopardy!! Really AMC? You’re gonna do us like that? Gaaaahhh!!!

It’s looking like some fresh meat (cheesy pun day!) will be joining the group. Some survivor’s fought their way through the woods and happened upon what looks like the back side of the prison. Nothing about this new batch of people gets my hackles up. Yet. It will be nice for Rick’s group to grow so they aren’t laboring so hard to survive. Carl, in a move that is surprisingly smart and making me reconsider his spot on my wish list of character deaths, locked the new people out of the area occupying Rick’s group. They are safe and with food, but also away from the group until they get to know them better. One woman got really upset about being locked up, but she was calmed down by a fellow group member who realized how lucky they were to be somewhere safe for once. I hope he’s telling the truth (and I highly suspect he is) that they aren’t looking for trouble.

Glenn. Maggie.

Glenn comforted Maggie, and was relieved to know the Governor didn’t rape her. So, now how to get out? Hot Glenn gets to work MacGuyver-ing a way to get out and goes over to the dead walker. Now, I am watching this thinking Hot Glenn is going to search the body for weapons. WRONG. Clever Hot Glenn is using the body as a weapon. He pulls the arm off and removes bones to use as stakes. Brilliant!

In a turn for the gross, Axel starts making a move on young Beth. Ick, nast. I thought him harmless until this point, but now I am wondering if he is either lying or didn’t tell the whole truth for his reason for being in prison. I am glad Carol called him off, and I hope she alerts the group to what she saw. I doubt this will be his only attempt, and I worry for Beth and hope he never catches her alone. His whole reason for it, being in jail so long without a woman, no other female choices, etc. was a very weak argument to me. Since when does that make it OK to move in on a teenage girl? Just sounds like BS to me, and that’s why I think he will try again. You don’t try and justify icky behavior.

Back at Woodbury Rick and the group (minus Michonne, who has her own agenda at Woodbury) go looking for Glenn and Maggie, and end up taking a resident hostage who saw them in one of the buildings. As they are arguing about how to find Maggie and Glenn they hear a commotion outside, and they see the Governor’s men heading to where Maggie and Glenn are (who made an attempt to escape using the dead walker bones stakes). Rick’s team goes in like a well oiled machine and uses smoke grenades as cover to get their friends out. Glenn tells Daryl about Merle, and Daryl wants really bad to reunite with his brother but agrees to help the group get out. Meanwhile, gunfire erupts on the street and Andrea (poor, stupid Andrea) tries to help out, but the Governor tries to keep her far from the action so that she doesn’t discover that her old group are the ones there and finds out why they came.

We see that Michonne is back to kill the Governor, and when she sat to wait for him in his bedroom I thought,  “You go girl!” (I can only think that phrase. When I say it out loud I sound like an idiot.) As she’s waiting she hears some sounds, and she finally checks out what’s behind the closet door. She sees all the creepy heads he keeps in the fish tank, and then in the door behind that she finds Penny. At first she thinks she’s a human girl being held, but she quickly discovers Penny is a walker. At that moment the Governor catches her, but when he sees she has Penny he puts his weapons down and begs her to leave Penny alone. Michonne kills Penny, and a HUGE fight ensues. Michonne fights like a true survivor! When she grabbed a glass shard and stabbed the Governor in the freakin’ EYE I actually yelled and clasped my hands over my mouth lol!

Andrea found Michonne and the Governor, and she pulled a gun on Michonne. Love is truly blind. Andrea and Michonne exchange words and then Michonne walks away, and when Andrea walks into the room you can see her taking in the whole scene and questions start erupting in her mind. If she doesn’t finally get what Michonne has been saying about the Governor now I will find a way to get on the show and take her out myself (I think she at least suspects that he’s with her because she looks like he dead wife). The Governor is taken to the infirmary to take care of his eye, and when Merle walks in you can see the rage in the Governor after being lied to about Michonne. But he doesn’t let it out just yet.

The Governor gathers the people of Woodbury to address the situation with the break in and lie to them yet again about what is going on, and this is where he lets Merle have it. He throws him under the bus, labeling him a terrorist who was in cahoots with his brother Daryl who is unveiled in front of the people much to the shock of Andrea. I kept saying, “speak up Andrea!” but she just kept looking around like what do I do? I can only hope that in the next episode she does something about this. I don’t care about Merle, but NO ONE messes with Daryl Dixon. It looks like Merle and Daryl will be executed in front of the people of Woodbury, but we won’t know for sure until February.

Ricks’ team and Michonne reunited outside of Woodbury, and they are angry with Michonne for disappearing without a word. They still don’t know if they can trust her, but they still need her to get back to the prison and to get Daryl back. I think they will likely go back to the prison first, because Glenn is hurt and they are in no condition to get Daryl. I had a feeling Daryl would end up separated from the group when he said he would give them cover fire and catch up. They better not kill Daryl. That’s all there is to it.

What did you think of The Walking Dead mid-season finale?

  • Harajuku Girl FL

    February?! Why are they torturing us??? It’s the holiday season AMC! That’s just wrong in every possible way. You are on my S list right now, and that doesn’t stand for Santa!!! LOL!

    Andrea. I’m with you on this one. I’ll cover you if she needs to be taken out. MORON!!! Serious issues with that one!!!!
    To pull a gun on your friend that kept you alive for months for some creepy guy?! Rethink your priorities!

    SN on the heads. I don’t know why, but I was not expecting the heads to chomp. DUH!!

    When the governor made his evil face after seeing Merle after the attack, I knew he had something big coming. Then Daryl missing? Yeah. I expected a zombie battle for Daryl in front of helpless Merle. But that’s a walk in the park compared to an angry mob of frightened sheeple. Creepy Evil Governor always gives me a televangelist vibe when he gathers the townsfolk. Is it just me??
    I’m already bummed out about the wait. I’m not sure how I’ll make it. 7 days was a stretch as it was. I’d started season 1 over to fill my time. I guess I will just keep watching in a circle until we’re back….
    C’mon AMC! Don’t be so mean!

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      I get that same televangelist vibe from the Governor too. It is part of how he manipulates the towns people. He’s got the charisma to carry out his evil plans.

      I will probably rewatch the episodes from this season at least 6 or 7 times before February lol.