NYC Island Escape Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

NYC Island Escape

NYC Island Escape

NYC has released two new limited edition palettes. I purchased both, and today I am reviewing Island Escape. Both palettes have a very summery feel, but this one is the cooler toned of the two.

The packaging for this is OK. It isn’t super fancy, but at this price point ($4.99) I don’t expect it to be. It is solid and easy to open. Inside has a dual ended sponge tip applicator, which I didn’t test out as I prefer brushes. There are two creamy products inside. One is a primer base, and the other is an illuminator. There are 4 eyeshadows inside. They don’t have individual color names, but the plastic cover inside the palette lists the shimmery mermaid green color as crease/contour, the matte/satin purple as crease/contour, the matte/satin blue as all over lid, and the shimmer pale robin’s egg blue as a highlighter.

It looks like the NYC Island Escape has been put together as an all in one product, since an eye primer was included. For me it wasn’t all in one, simply because the primer didn’t work for my oily lids (I still had creasing, though it did give a nice brightening effect to the lid like a light concealer) and the highlighter shade is not one I would normally choose to highlight my brow bone (I prefer nude colors). Also, the illuminator has glittery particles in it that don’t appeal to me.

As for the eyeshadows, they are a mixed bag. Here are my thoughts on the individual shades:

  • Mermaid Color – Good pigmentation (not poor, but not excellent), a wee bit powdery, applied well to the lid but then blended away too easily.
  • Purple – Poorest performer of the bunch. Very hard, difficult to get any product onto the brush, didn’t apply or blend well.
  • Blue – Hard, but not as hard as the purple. Good pigmentation (not poor, but not excellent), somewhat powdery, hard to get it to stick to the skin, blended away easily.
  • Highlighter – Good pigmentation (not poor, but not excellent), not powdery, applied and blended well. Best of the bunch.

As far as performance goes, none of the products inside had longevity. The primer didn’t prevent creasing or fading (which occurred about 4 hours into wear time), and the shadows weren’t the easiest to work with and faded just as easily with another primer. It’s too bad too, because the palette has great colors in it that work really well together.

NYC Island Escape can be found wherever NYC cosmetics are sold

NYC Island Escape

NYC Island Escape

NYC Island Escape

NYC Island Escape swatches

Primer Base, Illuminator, Eyeshadows from top to bottom over primer base – No Flash

NYC Island Escape

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  • Lola

    Pretty look! What a bummer that the quality’s sub-par because it looks like such a great palette.

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