NARS Joie de Vivre All About Cheek Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

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NARS Joie de Vivre Palette

No, I am not trying to torture you by reviewing something you can no longer buy. I am not a Nordstrom card holder, so when the NARS Joie de Vivre palette came up for sale at midnight I was up with my trigger finger at the ready. I went to sleep, and woke up to find out it sold out in the middle of the night in the blink of an eye. I was lucky enough to get one for myself, and the one I recently gave away. Next time I am going to get a Nordstrom card so I can purchase from the sale early, and have my review ready before it becomes widely available. To Nordstrom’s credit they did have some set aside for the wider release, which meant non-cardholders had a fighting chance. I spent $65, so sold out or not I am reviewing it!

This palette for many is a holy grail of blush palettes. NARS has only done 3 to the best of my knowledge. Last year was Danmari, which I regrettably passed on. Like Joie de Vivre, it had 6 shades in it. This year was not only Joie de Vivre, a Nordstom Anniversary Exclusive, but there is also the Foreplay palette. Foreplay is smaller, containing only 4 shades.  NARS full sized blushes are 0.16 oz, while the blushes in Joie de Vivre are almost full sized at 0.12 oz. Single blushes retail for $28 each, and the NARS Joie de Vivre palette was $65. You can see why people were clamoring for it, because not only is it packed with 6 very popular products, but dollar wise it is an excellent value.

The 6 shades included are:

  • Albatross – a lovely, golden pearlescent highlighter
  • Gaiety – a bold, bright, bubblegum matte pink
  • Luster – a medium brownish/terra cotta with gold shimmer
  • Laguna – a medium brown bronzer with gold shimmer
  • Orgasm – medium pinky peach with gold shimmer
  • Angelika – medium dusty pink with gold/pearlescent glitter

If you don’t own these, this is a very affordable way to get them packaged in a very sleek package. There is a generous mirror inside, though it does not come with an applicator (not a con for me, as I don’t even use the brushes with my Chanel blushes). I see this palette as more of a collection of products versus a set of complimentary products. Gaiety is the only matte blush, so the only one that could be paired with the highlighter. The bronzer is shimmery, and I would really hesitate to pair it with a shimmery blush. Overall, this is a great palette for a great value.

NARS Joie de Vivre retails for $65 and is a Nordstrom Anniversary Exclusive


NARS Joie de Vivre

NARS Joie de Vivre

NARS Joie de Vivre

NARS Joie de Vivre Albatross


NARS Joie de Vivre Gaiety


NARS Joie de Vivre Luster


NARS Joie de Vivre Laguna


NARS Joie de Vivre Orgasm


NARS Joie de Vivre Angelika


NARS Joie di Vivre

Natural Light

  • Molly

    Nice!! I have yet to figure out how to use anything to highlight or contour my face… but this is a pretty set of colors! I love Deep Throat the most though, but I know Orgasm is their big seller. I own both but tend to use Deep Throat a lot more!

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      I own Deep Throat as well, and I prefer it too.

  • Alina

    I have Luster and it’s a lovely blush! The texture is so smooth, and the pigmentation is amazing. This blush palette looks great :)

  • Jenny

    Oh i didn’t even know they had this palette out! I would have totally preferred this over my Danmari palette!