MAC Strawberry Malt Archie’s Girls Lipglass Review, Swatches, Photos



MAC Strawberry Malt

Archie’s Girls Veronica – Strawberry Malt

I don’t normally buy lipglasses. They cost a lot for the amount of product you get, but I loved this shade so much I bought it. It is my first MAC lipglass in a looooong time. One other reason for me not buying them as much is that I am not a fan of the glitter and shimmer that tends to be in their lipglasses. This is is pigmented, doesn’t have glitter or shimmer, and is in a color that is right up my alley. Of course I bought it! :)

This has a bit of a sticky texture. It’s not as sticky as other glosses I have tried (Stila lip glazes I am looking at you), and I like that it isn’t super slick. It has the right amount of tackiness that gives it some decent wear time for a gloss, but without being so sticky that you feel your lips peeling apart when you talk (I hate that!). It has a pleasant vanilla scent and taste, and is comfortable to wear. It also looks lovely on top of Ronnie Red lipstick (which is also from the Archie’s Girls collection).

The packaging for this is super cute. A white top, and the clear bottom has the same Veronica, hearts, and heart with Archie that the lipsticks have. I am a fan of doe foot applicators over brush tip, and if you love them too you will like that this has one.

MAC Strawberry Malt lipglass retails for $16.50, and can be purchased online, at MAC stores, and at MAC counters.

MAC Strawberry Malt

MAC Strawberry Malt

MAC Strawberry Malt

MAC Ronnie Red

MAC Ronnie Red with MAC Strawberry Malt on Top

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    like this shade :)