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Betty Bright

Archie’s Girls Betty – Betty Bright

I didn’t think I would like this one. For one, the name has the word bright in it. For a coral shade, that could mean looking a bit silly if it was an unnatural bright. Bright is tricky to wear. It can either light up your face or make you look like you didn’t bother to check the mirror before you left home. But, then I saw it in store. I was at the MAC counter on release day as soon as the store opened (surprisingly, my store had no one in line!), and I got to look at everything before it got all goobered up. Betty Bright reminded me of a more opaque version of another coral lipstick I love, NARS Barbarella.

I decided to pick it up just in case, because it is one of the shades that are selling like hot cakes. I am so glad I gave in to the makeup addiction, because I LOVE IT. It’s not crazy bright like I thought it would be. It actually looks really nice against my skin tone.

It has the same vanilla scent and taste as other MAC lipsticks, but I would swear it also has a slight note of playdough. Maybe it is just mine, but I did notice it. It didn’t take anything away from my overall experience with the lipstick though. The formula goes on nice and smooth. It has a satin finish, so it doesn’t feel dry or overly slippery. It does grab at dry patches as you can see from my photo, so you will need to do what I didn’t do and make sure you exfoliate and moisturize before you wear this.

LOVE this. Turns out the lipstick I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear is my favorite from the whole Archie’s Girls collection.

MAC Betty Bright retails for $16.50. It is currently sold out online, so check your local MAC store or counter for availability.


Betty Bright

MAC Ronnie Red

Betty Bright

Betty Bright

Betty Bright

Betty Bright

  • Lisa T

    This looks really nice too! When I went to the mall after 15 minutes of opening, both Nordstrom & the MAC store sold out of DLG, RR & had one BB left. I didn’t get it ’cause it didn’t go well with my skintone. I love it on you, it looks so soft & everything :)

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      Thanks. :) I wonder if it is tricky to wear, and I licked out. I would have thought it would suit you.

  • Shenez

    This is such a beautiful color very light compared to in the tube. I want to get my hands on this!