L’Oreal The Temptress’ Touch Nail Polish Review, Swatches, Photos

L'Oreal The Temptress' Touch

The Temptress’ Touch

To me this looks like MAC’s Golden Olive pigment in nail polish form. The Temptress’ Touch was part of the Project Runway sets from L’Oreal. This is a medium olive green with warm gold shimmer. I would categorize it as a duochrome. Depending on the lighting it can lean green or gold.

The formula for this is sheer, though not as sheer as The Temptress’ Power. I got almost full coverage in 2 coats, and full coverage in 3. It has a medium consistency, not being too thin or too thick. I felt I had good control over how thin I made each coat. This seemed to dry in an average amount of time. I don’t time drying times, but this didn’t stand out as drying fast or slow. I don’t know about maximum wear time, as I change my polishes about as often as I take a breath. :)

Overall I really like this polish. It has a better formula than The Temptress’ Power, and the color itself is pretty and has dimension. I had a hard time capturing the color, especially with the lack of natural light in my area lately.

L’Oreal’s The Temptress’ Touch retails for approximately $5.99 can be found at most major drugstores and retailers.

L'Oreal The Temptress' Touch

L'Oreal The Temptress' Touch

Written by Leticia

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  • Lisa T

    I am a sucker for greens :D

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      Me too! :)

  • Rainy Days & Lattes

    What a very unique green =) i love it :D

  • Mica

    Very nice metallic green :)

  • Tiffany Martin

    This is a cool shade of greenish yellow. It’s not for me (I have witch undertones) but I really like it. Agh, such a good shade of chartreuse.

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