Jade Mystic Gold Holografico Nail Polish Review, Photos, Swatches

Jade Mystic Gold

Jade Mystic Gold

This, this is the holo that started it all. After seeing Jade Mystic Gold on a blog I immediately went to the Ninja Polish web site and placed an order for it, along with 4 other holos (because I have a sickness, especially when it comes to holos). You can read my reviews of Jade Energy and Jade Vermelho Surreal to see their gorgeous holo goodness.

This is the gorgeous gold holo I was hoping China Glaze GR8 would be. GR8 is a very weak holo, but Mystic Gold is quite strong. I have been wearing holos for around a week now to test out all 5 of my Jade polishes, and I have been staring at my nails all week. Jade seems to have a consistenly good formula on their holographic polishes. I have tested 3 so far, and none have disappointed yet.

Mystic gold has a nice formula like the others, but I would say it is a tad thinner. It didn’t create a problem with application, but I did notice it. It is every so slightly less opaque than the other 2 I have tried so far, and perhaps its slightly thinner texture is the reason. It looks great in 2 coats, but in the right light I can just make out my nail tips. I haven’t tried 3 coats, but perhaps it would totally cover the tips in 3 coats.

As with the other 3, durability has been good but might be due to the new top coat I am using. When I am done evaluating my holos I will try the top coat with other polishes and get back to you. If it is indeed the top coat making my nail polish last so long, then it will be my go to top coat from now on. Overall, totally love this holo!

Jade Mystic Gold retails for $7.50 and can be purchased from Ninja Polish

Jade Mystic Gold

Jade Mystic Gold

Jade Mystic Gold

Jade Mystic Gold

Jade Mystic Gold

Written by Leticia

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  • Lady D

    So pretty! I might have to get me some of these!

  • Lisa T

    Yay for more holos! I’m so excited for the new ChG holos that are supposed to come out Spring 2013!! lol.

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      You and me both lol! I about died when I heard.

  • Mica

    That is a beautiful polish! I think this is my favourite of all of the holo polishes you’ve posted :)

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      Getting ready to post a purple. :)

  • / BurbBeauty

    Gorgeous! I’m kind of envious of how perfect this looks on you. I can’t wear golds at all!

  • Samantha

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that gold polish! The holo is just so cool! AND I love how you watermarked your photo!!! That’s so clever! :)

    xo, sam

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      Gold is one of the better holo colors in my opinion. :)

      And I am glad to hear positive feedback on the watermark. I prefer photos without, but I figure this is the best way to unobtrusively do it.

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