Giveaway! Beauty Envy Bag Fall Edition

Beauty Envy Bag

Beauty Envy Bag

Are you a beauty sample subscriber? Never heard of the Beauty Envy Bag? That is because it is something new the four of us beauty bloggers decided to put together. The Fall Edition is the inaugural Beauty Envy Bag. This is what a beauty bag of goodies should look like. Full sized items, deluxe samples (not tiny bits of product swiped onto a card), and with a beauty bag so nice you can wear it on a night out. Luxe brands fill this bag. This was a lot of fun for us to put together, choosing items the we have used and love and being able to share them with one of you. This is something we hope to do quarterly, so look out Winter Edition!

Since some of you reading this may not know all of the bloggers involved, so we would love to introduce ourselves:


Refined and Polished Lakeisha is a nail polish blogger from Florida. She is obsessed with polish, fashion, and merging the two together. She is the blogger behind Refined and Polished.
 Beauty Obsessed Latoya is a beauty blogger from the East Coast of Canada. While she loves all things girly, she’s also a closet gamer and is a die-hard Walking Dead fan. She is the blogger behind Beauty Obsessed.

Cosmetics Aficionado

Leticia is a beauty blogger from the Pacific Northwest. She is a dog lover, sci fi nerd, handbag collector, and makeup junkie. She is the blogger behind Cosmetics Aficionado.

 Burb Beauty

Lola is a Midwest blogger with a passion for polish, science, and music. She is the blogger behind Burb Beauty.

So what will be included in the awesome beauty bag you might ask? First we will look at the full sized items. These are to accompany the Calvin Klein red nylon wristlet with red leather trim. You can click through each one to read the reviews:

And here are the deluxe samples that are also included with bag as extras:

  • Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance
  • Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Sparkling
  • Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Mascara
  • Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover

Details! Here is what you need to know to enter:

  • Must leave a blog comment (just one blog, doesn’t have to be all four) letting us know what are your most favorite and least favorite things about beauty bags.
  • Additional entries for following each blog on social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Open internationally!
  • Must be 18+
  • Giveaway closes on Friday, October 5 at 11:59pm EST

Good luck to everyone!

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  • Agnetha

    To be honest I love all the products, but I LOVE the Zoya nailpolish :-D

  • Mary Jo

    I love EL shadow, and I´m crazy to get try zoya nails polish!!!

    A big kiss from Spain and thanks!!

    • Mary Jo

      I couldn´t write my facebook name in the form because the box dissapear. This is Maria Jose MG

  • leslie nunez

    I love that you can get some great products you have not tried but at the same time you dont now what your getting but this one i think i will like

  • Kirsten H.

    I love being able to try new things, but sometimes it’s sad when the products don’t work for me.

  • Dalylah

    I like Laura Mercier stuff but I really love Zoya polishes.

  • Sadi

    I like Laura Mercier but i really love to try Zoya polishes

  • Christina D

    Favorite is the Givenchy nailpolish :)

  • Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist

    My favorite thing is getting to try high-priced items that I wouldn’t go out and buy a full sample of. However, my least favorite is when the sample is so small, you can’t even tell if it’s any good!

  • Brooke

    My favorite part is finding new brands or colors or products I’ve never tried before. So exciting! Worst part are haircare samples that offer WAY too little products for my hair. :(

  • jennifer

    wow, what a great giveaway!!

  • Sasha Kinder

    What I like most about beauty bags are being introduced to companies I’ve haven’t heard about . What I like least about beauty bags is having to wait for them! Lol

  • Abbi P.

    I LOVE beauty bags, My favorite thing(s) are getting stuff I’ve never tried before and finding a new favorite amazing thing I can’t live without! I’ve found quite a few gems by sample bags and fallen for things I thought I would hate or didn’t see the benefit of then when I actually got to use the product I was happy to be wrong!! I don’t have much of a least favorite thing except paying, the only one I pay for is Birchbox, I try to get as many free samples on the web as possible and get things like Target’s free yearly beauty bag ect. to offset paying for a sample box.

  • CHristie Flowers

    I love getting new products I wouldn’t normally buy- I’ve found some of my favorite stuff that way! I hate when you get teeny samples or low-cost items in boxes. I like for the box to at least have triple value what I paid for it.

  • Cristina

    Most favorite: getting to try out new products I normally wouldn’t try out. Least Favorite: tiny samples that I feel like I can get for free anyway.

  • Tiffany Martin

    I love trying new products. I always feel like such a princess when I get a bunch of loot.

  • Lisa C

    Nice beauty bag!! My favorite thing is all the different products that you get to try out. And my least favorite thing is getting something thats absolutely useless to me.

  • Lulubelle

    My favorite things about beauty subscription bags are the surprise element, the presentation, being introduced to new products, and opening a “gift” each month! My least favorite thing about them is receiving fragrance samples. Most of those go unused.

  • Angela Miller

    What I love the most about beauty bags is trying new products that I would most likely never choose on my own. Oh, and the very best is when you find something inside that you were really dying to try..score! What I dislike is they usually contain the same tired stuff. :( usually super tiny hair samples that are not enough product for my hair.

  • Stephanie H.

    My favorite thing about beauty bags is the opportunity to get exposed to and try new products, the only draw back is that some of the products may not be suitable for you (or you just don’t care for it). Thanks!

  • Molly

    Ok, now THIS is what beauty bags should look like! Awesome products that are backed by reviews from awesome chicks! I love trying something new, but I also dislike the tiny sample sizes! It’s hard to know if I want to buy something when I can only use it once.

  • Sharon siqueiros

    To be honest I don’t know what I do or don’t like since I haven’t tried one yet….
    I read reviews and some sound great and others sound not so great, BUT the one you lovlies are offering up looks fabulous!!
    I’m definitely interested in the Beauty Envy Bag for sure!! I agree with Molly, it’s hard to know if I want to buy something I’ve used only once.
    Thanks for this great opportunity

  • Mica

    Love that this is an international giveaway :D

    I love the range of products you get in beauty bags but I dislike that the products are so tiny it’s hard to justify taking out a subscription!

  • bell

    I love the element of surprise, but I also dread the idea of getting things that I cant’ use.

  • Melanie Ivie

    I like getting products that I’ve been considering buying but don’t want to pay the expense, that way I’m able to sample it before putting out the money. I hate getting the card samples with lipstick or lotions where it’s only a one time use. I like big samples!

  • Cynthia Richardson

    I like cosmetics and dislike skincare

  • Lisa Clemons

    I love all the different products that you get to try out and probably my least favorite thing is getting perfume samples.

  • Stephanie Hartman

    I love the new products that are in beauty bags and my least favorite is sometimes the “trail” sizes.

  • Claire

    I love the element of surprise, but I hate it when its stuff I dont use that much

  • Zadidoll

    Favorite: The bags. I love cosmetic bags. Least favorite: Ugly cosmetic bags.

  • Nicole

    My most favorite things about beauty bags is that i could try out the sample size products that are way too expensive in full size first before buying it,just in case i dislike the product and it’ll definately save my money which is a good thing lol :P

  • Joanna

    My least favorite and the most favorite things about beauty bags…. I love trying new products thats my most favorite. My least favorite thing is that I don’t get to pick what’s in them!

  • shaimaa

    I am crazy about makeup and beauty trying new products, feeding my passion love the lipsticks and nail polishes

  • Juliana

    I love trying new products and the least would be there is always that one product that you don’t like.

  • Donna

    What I like about subs is that you can try so many products you might not be inclined to buy, or never even heard of. What I don’t like is that they can add up so fast, it’s almost like you should just save the money and get what you really want, or only go with one sub.

  • Sandy L

    I love trying new products in a beauty bag without buying a full size. I always hope that I will be able to use the beauty bag afterwards, sometimes the opening to these bags make it difficult to put much in them! I have one from Clinique that I got years ago that I still use and love because of the opening and perfect size!

  • Julia

    My favourite thing is being surpised with the contents, but it’s also my least favourite thing! I like to get brands I’ve never heard of before and different products I might not purchase to try myself.

  • Melissa Mason

    My favorite thing about beauty subs is being able to try products I wouldn’t buy myself. I’m able to test it before I buy a full size. My least favorite is getting skin color specific items (foundation, etc) in the wrong color.

  • Gintare

    fav thing is that you have a possibility to try products and it’s always a surprise. least fav – sometimes they don’t put such a good products/products i am not interested in – and it’s such a dissapointment and and feel like a money wasted.

  • Anna

    Beauty bags/boxes are really fun, because you get to try new things that you’ve never would have thought of purchasing yourself. However, you might end up with things that you don’t like so much or can’t even use due to allergies and such.

  • cindyb

    they get dirty so fast! but i love the bright fun prints!

  • Christy Ann

    My most favorite thing is the surprise aspect of not knowing what you’re going to get, and being able to try new products. My least favorite thing is that some boxes are a waste of money, and some months are better than others.