Essence Swirlpool Marble Mania Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

Essence Swirlpool

Essence Swirlpool

I have had previous success with the Essence products I have tried, so I didn’t hesitate to purchase this when I spotted it in store. Swirlpool is a beautiful blend of gold, various degrees of pink with a bit of peach, and there is shimmer throughout.

This has a very smooth texture, and blended well along my cheek bones. Pigmentation on this, however, wasn’t that great. I tried to build it up, but it is very sheer and seemed to hit a ceiling at a level that didn’t quite get to the level of color I prefer to wear. When trying to build the color up the shimmer increased to a level I didn’t like. The shimmer itself isn’t huge and obvious (when used lightly), though not quite what I would call finely milled.

Wear time was very good. I didn’t notice any premature fading, even on the 80 degree days we have been having. Overall I was disappointed in this blush, and it is my first disappointment with Essence. For very pale skin types this might be a nice blush for you, because there is no worry of going overboard. For my skin it just wasn’t the right fit.

Essence Swirlpool retails for approximately $3.99 (varies by location) and can be found wherever Essence Cosmetics are sold (I bought mine at Fred Meyer).

Essence Swirlpool

Essence Swirlpool

Essence Swirlpool

Worn Over Foundation
Natural Light

Written by Leticia

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  • Dalylah

    The colors look much less pink on, more neutral. Really pretty and a nice price.

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      Yes, much less rosy on the cheeks.

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