Chanel Brume D’Or Joues Contraste Blush Review, Photos, Swatches



Chanel Brume D'Or

Chanel Brume D’or

I love that every time I open up my Chanel Brume D’Or blush I smell rose petals. There is something about using Chanel products and smelling that signature rose petal scent that makes me feel a wee bit extra girly. Brume D’Or is part of the Bombay Express de Chanel collection for 2012. It is a baked powder blush. Because it is baked I find that when used dry it is not quite as long lasting as their non-baked blushes, so you may find that using it with an ever so slightly wet brush will yield longer lasting results. This will also mean a more intense blush. When used dry the blush is quite sheer, and to build it up you must pat in on versus swiping.

The color is just gorgeous. It is a very warm terra cotta, or more accurately to me is a toasted pumpkin (sort of a brown orange). I am not a makeup artist so take this with a grain of salt, but I don’t see this working well on cool skin tones (especially pale). It is just too warm, and the orange tones in it are too strong. It has what looks like thick shimmer. If you have used NARS Orgasm you know what I mean. It is meant to be shimmer, but seems a tad big for shimmer yet not quite glitter. This isn’t really noticeable when used lightly.

Really like this blush. I don’t feel it is an all purpose blush due to it’s brown with a bit of orange shade, but even so it will work with many makeup looks.

Chanel Brume D’Or retails for $43 and can be purchased at Chanel counters and from the Chanel web site.



Chanel Brume D'Or

Chanel Brume D'or swatch

Bathroom lighting, No flash
Applied heavily for swatch purposes
Excuse my end of the day faded foundation

  • Lisa

    Love the color on you. Subtle and natural!


    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      Thank you! :)

  • Toya

    Ahhh I love these kinds of shades! I don’t think we’ll get this here in Halifax, unfortunately (which is probably great for my wallet), but I can admire it nonetheless. It looks great, especially with the makeup you’ve got going on here Leticia!

    • Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado

      Thanks! I wish companies would make colors available everywhere. I hate seeing something in another country I can’t have lol.

  • BurbBeauty

    Beautiful! I’ll have stop by a counter and check this out.