C. Booth Glycolic Acid Skin Resurfacing Solution Review



glycolic acid

Glycolic Acid

If you have been following me for awhile, then you know I went (OK, trying, I have caved a couple times) dairy free to cure my acne. I have had fantastic results, but am left with dark spots from old breakouts. I am on my third bottle of this. Yes, I love this stuff.

This has 10% glycolic acid, and even with my sensitive skin this doesn’t irritate me. The first few times I used it my face stung for about 10 seconds after application, but it no longer does that to me. This claims to:

  • Help smooth rough skin
  • Diminish signs of aging
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

So does it? Well yes to most of those. I don’t have any real fine lines or wrinkles, so I don’t know if it helps those. I am hoping that starting daily use of glycolic acid now at 35 that I will help hold them off awhile longer. As far as smoothing rough skin and diminishing signs of aging, I would say yes. If I get lazy and stop using this I can tell my skin starts getting a bit rough looking and dull. When I say it diminishes signs of aging I am referring to dull skin, which comes along with getting older.

I do feel like it is helping speed up the fading of old acne marks, but not a significant amount. Enough to notice, but not in leaps and bounds. That’s fine, because I didn’t expect an overnight miracle. Any boost is worth it to me. One bottle lasts me for months, so it is a very small investment with noticeable benefits to my skin.

Overall I love this stuff and will continue to repurchase it. Keep in mind when using this, or any alpha-hydroxy acid, you increase sun sensitivity. Don’t forget your sunscrren!

C. Booth Glycolic Acid Skin Resurfacing Solution retails for $14.99 and can be purchased at Walgreens.

glycolic acid

  • http://www.neversaydiebeauty.com Allison

    Sounds like an affordable dupe for Natura Bisse 10% glycolic acid. I will keep it in mind!