4 Fall Collections Making Me Drool

Oscar drool
A big thanks to my goofy dog Oscar for making this picture possible lol!
Information on fall collections has already begun spreading, and there are some collections I am definitely looking forward to.

Are you looking forward to any upcoming collections?

Written by Leticia

Beauty Blogger just outside of the Seattle area. Makeup enthusiast, Star Trek nerd.

  • eRiN

    Trust me. Peridot is STUNNING. What most of the blogs don't seem to have captured is the blue tone to the green flash … it's not a straight gold-green duochrome, it's gold-blue-green GORGEOUS!

  • Leticia

    If you're trying to tempt me it's working lol!

  • Barbie

    Very pretty! Especially the EL one! I'm a huge fan of their products. Their nail polishes are also surprisingly good! I think I have 5 polishes… and they're all very pigmented – including the nude shade (which I find are usually NOT pigmented in most brands). :)

    Thanks for the post!

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